@RebeccasOffice Has A Very Thankful Update

As you know, this year has been a big change for me.  When the year started I was excited for this change, but deep down inside I was scared.  I was scared about leaving the comfort of what I had been doing for the past 20+ years.  The year could have gone terribly wrong for me and I am so glad that it did not.  In fact, I am so amazed that everyone in my life stepped up and has made this year a lot easier for me.  While I could never have imagined the year going the way that it has, in some ways I have surpassed my dreams.  From my ex-husband to my new boyfriend, to Rob and everyone at RadmediaXXX, my amazing friends, and my long time fans, I almost am brought to tears with the patience and loyalty to me.  So what has been going on?  Let me tell you about 2017 and what has been so special..and not so special.

Yes I am a sentimental sap.  I cry at almost all kinds of movies! What’s true though is that I do find that I have been a fortunate woman and for that I do repay those for all their generosity.  My body belongs to them and have learned to provide you and them with the pleasure of my gratitude.  CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW TO BE THANKFUL THIS THANKSGIVING.

Be Thankful & Make A Wish


How thankful are you in 2010. I know that this is the time of year to be thankful for what you have, but it is still okay to be a bit selfish and make a wish for what you still want and that you don’t have. There is still a lot going on in this world, but more than just being thankful for what we have, I know it is important to make a wish and dream big. This is Dreamnet after all, isn’t it? As your Dreamgirl, I like to keep it positive. So make a wish and let’s see if we can help make it come true! To help things out I have my little fantasy fountain here to help you with your wish.

Don’t believe in wishes? Try this one. If you don’t dream at all your wishes will never come true. Okay, so here is what I want you to do. Get our a coin. Pull down your pants or skirt. Close your eyes. Now make a wish. Blow on that coin and toss it. Did your wish come true? Are your eyes still closed? Come on in and find out if it came true!