Back to Reality and Reality TV

Yes, today was back to work and then when I came home I saw it…yes…..The Bachelor!

I like Elizabeth in red dress back row

I like Elizabeth in red dress back row

OMG!  You all know I am a reality TV junkie…Survivor, Amazing Race, American Idol and the Bachelor….I hate this guy Jake.  he is so boring, but the drama in these can you not want to watch this trainwreck?!  I mean this girl Michelle!  They must tell him that he has to keep her on the show!   I mean…really!  He left some great grils off the show.  I actually liked the cute little cheerleader.  He just wants lots of drama.

And the show’s previews!  Am I sensing there is a little bisexual action that is going on!?  This is going to be so fab!

American Idol in two weeks too!  And then…there is my non-reality TV addiction…LOST!  I can’t wait!   Any other Bachelor watchers out there?   Let’s Talk!