Update: Rebecca likes to Strip at Home and at Work. Come See

Evertything comes off but the shoes.

Evertything comes off but the shoes.

If you are like one of my long time employees, Richard, you have a shoe or foot fetish.  So when he heard that I was going to be under new management, he wanted to make sure that his Boss would still be looking good for him and strutting around the office.  He really enjoys watching me teeter around in platform shoes.  When I put these new shoes on, I suddenly felt uneasy.  Not only was I about 5 inches taller, but I felt 5x sexier.  It reminded me of my earlier days at the strip clubs.  I am going to do a video with these shoes, but I was so excited I had to put these on first, try them out and model them for you as it was raining outside and these shoes are definitely not for stormy weather!  In fact these shoes are only good for stripping.  Have I told you my thoughts on stripping?

Do you have a foot fetish or shoe fetish? Do you like going to strip clubs or having women perform for you?  Have you seen my stripteases?  Let me tell you about stripper shoes and why I think the only place these are good for are strip clubs.   CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT ME TO STRIP FOR YOU.

Sunday toes in the sand

Beach toes

Hey there foot fetish fans.  You know, sometimes there are feelings that you just can’t describe and one of them is just digging your toes in the sand.  The coolness and the fact that sand is so much aligned with the idea of a vacation makes the topic so refreshing.

Toes by the water

For me it just means that I don’t have to squeeze my toes into some shoes and heels that seem so unnatural.  It also means that I’m up off of my feet.  Of course we know that the best part about taking my feet off the ground is raising them above my head while laying on my back with about 200 pounds of sweaty beefcake on top of me!

Toes by the pool

Hope you are all having a great weekend!