Member Erotica: Part 13 – The Restroom

Part 13 Rebecca Fucks Her Black Master In The Car And Fucks A Young Man As Well.

When Maria got home she went upstairs and quickly took her clothes off, grabbed the first aid kit and took it with her into the bathroom. She removed the bandages covering the tattoo and turned on the shower. Maria was careful when it came to washing her tattoo as it was still painful and when she had finished, she dried off making sure to just pat the area with the tattoo softly and then when she was finished she look at the tattoo.  She touched it in disbelief.  She never imagined herself with a tattoo. She knew that it signified a marking.  She was marked for black men to see it and know that she was available for them.  She also knew it marked to her Black Master that she was his branded property.  Maria then got the grabbed some cream and bandages and covered the tattoo. She then went downstairs

Fucked in a public Bathroom

and waited for her family to come home.

As expected, the rest of the week came and went and when Friday came around, Rebecca went to work without expectations of seeing any black cock that evening. She was getting used to some of the new people in the office calling her Rebecca.  They had never known her as Maria.  When the afternoon came Rebecca was surprised when she got a text from her Black Master telling her to meet him in the parking lot when she was finished. She told him she would be done at 1pm and had a smile on her face.  Her panties got wet as she was turned on knowing that her Black Master wanted to meet her. At 1pm she left to meet her Black Master and when she got there she saw him waiting by her car. He told her to get in and then he asked her for the keys and she asked him where they were going. He said they were going for a drive somewhere and he started the car and drove off. While he was driving he put his hand on her leg and started to move it up her thigh. Rebecca opened her legs, grabbed his hand and brought it to her pussy to show him how wet her panties were. He asked her, “Who needs a black cock in her vagina,” and she replied, “I need you cock now. I want to show you I belong to your cock.” He started to rub her vagina through her panties. Rebecca was moaning and squirming. She then bent down and unzipped his pants and took his cock out and started to give him a blow job. Her Black Master was starting to have a problem trying to drive while she sucked his cock and then saw a place where they could park in private.

When he parked the car he told her to get in the back and to take her panties off and then he got in the back and pull his pants down and she knew what to do and got hold off his cock and put it into her mouth and sucked his cock hard and he was fucking her mouth as well which forced her to gag and her eyes watered. While he was fucking her mouth he moved his fingers to her vagina and started to push two fingers into her vagina and finger fuck her and this made her suck him harder. He then started to speed up fucking her mouth and then he took his cock out of her mouth and told her to sit on his cock and then Maria got on top of his cock and put it in her vagina and started to get as much of his cock into her vagina as she started to fuck him. As he was fucking her, he started goading her into talking like a slut.  He told her that she was a dirty slut who likes to fuck black cocks and she said, “Yes I am your dirty white slut that you’ve taught to need black cock.”  As he was fucking her hard and fastShe started to scream out loud, “I’m cumming. God I want you to cum in me.” She then had a powerful orgasm and her Black Master pushed his cock as far as he could into her vagina as she squealed and begged him to cum.  He couldn’t resist his slut and then filled her vagina with his black seed as she screamed out to put a black baby in her belly.

After he had filled her vagina with his black seed, Rebecca got off his cock and his cum leaked out of her vagina on to the backseat and she then sat by him with her legs wide open and massaged her sore pussy.  She looked like a mess with her hair over her eyes.  She looked around and realized he really hadn’t pulled off into a very private area, but she didn’t care. She kissed him hard on the mouth and said, “Oh my god I needed that so bad,” and started to play with his cock again to get it hard. But this time he told her to get out.  She got out of the car and stood in a deserted side parking lot of an old gas station that had been closed for years. Rebecca started to move to the front passenger door. Before she could open it, her Black Master grabbed her wrist, pulled her around to the front of the car, pushed her face down onto the hood of the car bent her over and lifted her skirt. She could feel the heat of the engine underneath her as he kicked her legs further apart and rubbed her vagina with his cock. He then slid it into her vagina and started to fuck her hard and fast.  It felt so good to Rebecca.  She loved how good he felt as she grasped at the metal of the car. “Oh I love it. Your cock was made for my pussy.” He grabbed her hips as he fucked her. He had never imagined having a white woman respond like this, “You dirty slut. I knew this was what you wanted that first day I saw you in the bad. I knew you wanted to be dirty.  You wanted it, didn’t you?  Didn’t you?!”

Rebecca was in her own world now. “I love you.  I have never had such great sex. I want to be your sex toy.  I’ll do whatever you want.  Just don’t stop fucking me.  I’ll fuck you and all your friends.  I love it.  Give it to me.”  Rebecca was screaming out that she wants his black cock all the time. While he was fucking Maria he saw out off the corner of his left eye he saw someone watching them and this made him fuck Maria harder. He also noticed that the guy had his cock out and was playing with himself while he was watching them. Rebecca started to scream that she was cumming again and telling him to fuck her harder and fill her vagina with his black seed. She then pushed back onto his cock and had another powerful orgasm and started to squirt and this made her Black Master push his cock into her vagina hard until his cock touched the back of her vagina and he filled her vagina with his black seed, “Yes! I am going to breed you and put a black baby into your belly.  You will be my queen.” He then stiffened, stopped and filled her vagina.


After he had filled her vagina he pulled his limp cock out and then he told Rebecca that he had a surprise for her.  He whistled and waved to the man to come over and join them. The man was black and about 20 years old and he still had his cock out which was big, but not has big as her Black Master. When Rebecca saw him she was a bit surprised.  The man walked over a little embarrassed as well, but the Black Master said, “Did you like what you saw?  This is my own Queen of Spades and you are welcome to fuck this white cum whore if you’d like,” he then pointed to her tattoo to prove to him he wasn’t lying.  “Don’t worry, she’s a rich Hollywood babe.  Nice and clean.  Not some white trash whore.  This is prime rib of white pussy.  Smell her clothes. She smells expensive and you get her for free.”  The man smelled the back of her neck and kissed her.

Rebecca shivered.  She looked at her Black Master?  Did he really want her to fuck a total stranger?  He was so young. Maybe even younger than her eldest child.  He nodded to the man and she responded and got down on her knees in front of the young man and put his cock into her mouth and sucked him hard and was almost gagging. She did not want to think about what she was doing.  Her Black Master got his phone and started to video her with the young man and it was sight. There was his rich white slut on her knees sucking a young strange man’s cock and her Black Master’ cum wasleaking out of her vagina. Just then the young man began saying that he was cumming and then he stopped pumping and filled her mouth with his cum. When he had finished filling her mouth with his cum he took it out and her Black Master zoomed in with the young man’s cum leaking out of her mouth. The young man quickly put his cock back into his pants and left so her Black Master stopped filming on his phone.  The Black Master laughed  and looked at Rebecca and said, “Did you enjoy sucking that young man’s cock?  He could barely last with you. Those young one’s can’t handle it. He didn’t even stick around for the good stuff!” Rebecca was shocked that she fucked a total stranger on the street.

Her Black Master said it was time to go and Rebecca put her panties back on and got back into the car. The gas light rang and she told him to stop at the gas station around the cornere as she needed to put more gas into her car. At the station, the Black Master got out and filled the car, and Rebecca said she wanted to use the restroom to clean up and pee. They were in for a surprise as he went in to pay they saw that the young lad who Rebecca had given a blow job before was working there.  The Black Master asked him why he left in such a hurry. He told her Black Master that he would have been late for work and then he asked the young man if he still wanted to fuck her and he nodded yes. The Black Master then said that if he went to the womens restroom he would find her there and he could fuck her, but he wanted to video it and the young lad said yes. So he grabbed the restroom key and the Black Master followed as they locked the doors and hung a “Be right back” sign and walked around to the back of the station. They got to the door and quietly unlocked the door.  On the count of three they barged into the tiny restroom.  Rebecca screamed as the two men entered.  She had been sitting on the toilet peeing.

They shut the door and the Black Master pulled her off the toilet and onto the dirty bathroom floor.  She went in front of the young man and got down on her knees and unzipped is pants and took his cock out and put it into her mouth and sucked his cock hard and he was trying to force more of his cock into her mouth which caused her to gag. At the same time her Black Master got his phone out and started to film his slut with the young man and was telling him to fuck her mouth hard as she likes it that way. The young man grabbed hold of her head and was fucking her mouth faster and then he was nearly ready to cum and he pull his cock out and her Black Master told Rebecca to pull her panties down and get down on her hands and knees and he told the young man to get behind her and put his cock into his whore’s vagina and give her the fucking she wants. The young man got down on the floor behind Maria and got his cock and started to push it into her vagina. “Oh yes, fuck my dirty bathroom slut. From the board room to the bathroom in one day.  Dump a load in her.  See how good a white woman’s pussy feels?  She loves feeling a black man’s hot thick seed, don’t you my slut?” Rebecca grabbed onto the base of the toilet and said, “Yes, I want it.  Please put your cum in me.  I’m a bathroom whore.”  She held on and braced herself for the attack on her pussy.  The bathroom smelled disgustingly like pee and she could see the graffiti that showed women sucking penises.  The young attendant started to fuck her hard and fast.  He reached around and ripped open her dress and grabbed her breasts. He told her he was gonnna fuck her like a cheap whore every time she came to get gas from him.  Her Black Master then went around to he face sat down on the toilet and took his cock out and put it in her mouth and her Black Master was still filming it has well.  Rebecca’s chin was resting on the edge of the toilet as she sucked. She almost licking the toilet bowled and gagged.

With two cocks in her, Rebecca felt it.  Her knees were bruising on the concrete floor.  The Black Master told the attendant to keep fucking her and then she had another powerful orgasm and pushed herself back onto the young man’s cock and sucked harder on her Black Masters cock as well. She wanted them to cum with her. Just then the young man forced his cock all the way in her vagina and started to fill her with his young cum and then her Black Master did the same and filled her mouth with his cum as well. When the young man had filled her vagina with his cum he pull his cock out of her vagina and his cum started to leak out onto the floor and her Black Master pull his cock out of her mouth. She swallowed as much of his cum as she could, but some still dripped down from her mouth and landed on the floor as well. Her Black Master told her to clean the young man’s cock and then he told her to clean his as well.  She got on her knees and held a cock in each hand and alternated cleaning them off. The young man got up and said thank you for a great fuck and left. Her Black Master stopped filming and told Maria to get up and pull her panties up but she got some paper tissues and stuff them into her panties to soak up the cum that was leaking from her vagina.  She looked at her dress which was ruined.  She had to hold it together like a coat to cover her breasts. They left the filling station and drove to his hotel, but on the way the cum was still leaking from her vagina and was wetting the seat.

When they got to his hotel it was starting to get dark and her Black Master gave her back her car keys, kissed her and told her she had been the perfect slut and got out.  When she climbed into the driver’s seat, he knocked on the window.  She rolled it down and he told her to have a great weekend and then gave her another kiss. He then went into the hotel as there was no one about. She started the car and drove home but she still had the problem of the cum leaking out of her vagina and she knew that when she got home she would have to clean it up and put on some clothes before anybody saw.


Rebecca’s Video Update – The Training of a Queen of Spades

This video might be quite shocking and very different from the way you have seen Rebecca, but as many of you have come to appreciate, it isn’t just the Queen of Spades that Rebecca has become today, but the journey has taken to get here. She gets inquiries all the time from normal everyday people like yourself who ask how she became enamored with this life or how they can get their wife or lover to do what she does.  Well we went through some of her original material and found what you were looking for.  We found Rebecca in her very first training video.  When we asked about the context of the video, Rebecca told us that her husband wanted to fuck while watching interracial porn and it really turned her on and that she found it hard to focus on her husband.  She said that is when she really started to lust after black cock.  She had not seen this video ever and said she is quite embarrassed because she felt like she did not know how to have good sex back then as she just laid there, but says that now that she has had some great hung lovers that sex is much more pleasurable! Like us you will be shocked to see how this innocent housewife has become such a Queen of Spades.  If Rebecca can do this, so can you with a little training.  CLICK HERE and SEE HOW IT ALL STARTED!

Video Training – How To Be A Whore

Is this what I'm supposed to do?

Is this what I’m supposed to do?

Every week my husband and I are always asked about how we got into this business and how they could convince their wife to be in the business.  I never really like to give advice on that because it is different for everyone.  Every person is different and their motivations are different.  We just show you on my videos what happens.  I guess what I am saying is that if you have open communication, then anything is possible.  So we decided to find some vintage video from early on when we first started.

You see, every woman is nervous about meeting someone new.  Even today it is nerve-wracking. Am I pretty enough?  Am I good enough?  Does he like me?  Does he want to see me again?  The first time I met my lover he told me he wanted to do role play.  He wanted me to be a whore / prostitute.  Now that is tough for just a mom.  When I told my husband, he laughed and told me what I needed to say and how I would be expected to act and what I should do.  When he told me I needed to give another man a blowjob and not the kind I give my husband, I asked him to show me.  We practiced.  I needed to spit, gag, deepthroat, and swallow.  I would then have to do more than missionary position.  We practiced for a couple weeks and every time I was practicing to be a prostitute.

Well I wish I could say the practice was helpful, but to be honest I just let go.  Also, my husband lied to me.  He told me prostitutes never use condoms.  So I have always done bareback from the start.  Now I know the burning question….and the answer is no, I never prostitute myself, but I did learn that a man’s pleasure is always first and foremost.

So here is some initial video of me practicing on my husband and then going off to meet a new lover and trying it.  Maybe you can try that with your spouses.  WATCH AND TELL ME IF YOU CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE

@RebeccasOffice Wants You To Train Her….Talk To Me

Pet Me

Pet Me

I have to say that after last week’s update I was really feeling needy.  I have to admit that the thought of being owned and needing a man to hold me is not my normal self, but sometimes I just like it when a man takes charge and tells me what he wants and needs.  It is really nice to please a man and give him what he wants.  I am very submissive in that way.  When my lovers tell me to suck a stranger’s cock or strip naked in front of their friends sometimes I am so nervous, but when I see how satisfied they are with my actions, it just gets me so excited.  That is why my boyfriend calls me his pet, because he likes to train me to be his.  Sometimes I like to curl up in my furry leggings while he runs his hands through the fur and makes me feel so good.  Would you do that for me?  Oh…and by the way if you though I was talking about “trains” as in Gang Bangs….I like that too!

When a man gives me orders, I jump.  Once we were at home and he told me to strip by the pool where we were having a BBQ with 3 of his buddies.  I was so nervous and hesitated.  When I didn’t comply immediately, he came over and asked what was wrong and that I was embarrassing him.  I told him I was nervous too and that I had to pee.  He slapped me on the ass and told me I better to do it…..  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED.

My Archived Video Triple Feature

As we reveal more of my past to all of you, I could not believe all these videos my husband showed me. I can’t believe how it seems like he taped every time we had sex. I was such an innocent housewife that I had no idea that I was slowly turning into a wanton woman who wanted to try sex with other men and enjoyed showing off in front of the camera. You know how you sometimes watch old videos and can’t believe that was you? Well, I can’t believe it when my husband pulled out almost 50 hours of tapes of me having sex. There are so many tapes that I’m almost embarrassed to show you!

I sure hope you enjoy these videos of over 20 minutes of never before seen footage. These are new glimpses of my life that I can’t believe we are showing you. I’m sure these videos will answer many questions you’ve always wanted to ask though. With this Triple Feature, I’m hoping you learn a lot more this week! CLICK HERE FOR 20 MINUTES OF VIDEOS all In Full TV Size … See me before Dreamnet!

#1: The Black Dildo ~ My husband introduced me to this dildo a mere half year before I joined Dreamnet. When he put it on the table in front of me, I was stunned. There was no way that thing would go inside me. It felt so good and then he told me it was a model of a real porn star and put a video on of that actor with white women. Watch my first time with this dildo. It has become my favorite when I am alone. This dildo inspired me to pursue my dreams of sleeping with a black man and just 11 months later I did! So for husbands who want to see their wives try black, get them one of these! CLICK HERE!

#2 The Striptease ~ To get me used to posing for the camera, my husband used to buy me clothes and strip for him before having sex. I stripped for him for over 8 years to the point where I can’t remember the last time I didn’t do that. These striptease exercises prepared me for my naked life in front of the camera. My husband would tell me that I looked great but I never believed him. No woman really ever believes that men want to see them naked like a Playboy bunny. I always told him that I hoped nobody would ever see these videos. Hopefully I’ve gotten better at stripping and giving blowjobs. CLICK HERE!

#3 – The Talk & Fuck ~ Here I am in my very own bed. My husband would get me excited talking about how he’d met some guys and showed them some photos of me. He told me how several of them were well hung men who couldn’t wait to explode inside me. While having sex heHe’d them tell me to imagine that I had the chance to sleep with them and as he screwed me he’d tell me to scream their names and beg for them to explode inside me. Watch how I look into the camera as my husband released inside me in reverse cowgirl position. I really had brainwashed myself into the mindset that I had just been impregnated by a stranger. It was almost like having 10 straight years of thinking of other men while I slept with my husband. I was ready to sleep with strangers by the time I reached Dreamnet status. CLICK HERE!

Welcome to 2012 – Something Old & Something New


Wow, you guys are so demanding, but since it is 2012 and you know I live to please you, I will comply. So many of you reacted to my satin tuxedo dress when I posted it last week that before my New Year’s party, we took more photos to share with you this week in the dress. Hey I love a good party dress, so why let it go to waste? Oh and as I promised, I am going to try and make things special this year. So be sure you also check out my archived video release this week. It’s a pre-Dreamnet video so it is extremely raw but I think you’ll enjoy it. Think of it as a new year’s present to you all. I’m glad to have you with me in 2012 so let’s get this party started on the right foot and have a great year. Even if 2012 turns out to be a bummer, you and I will have some good memories together for sure.

So are you the kind of person that likes to look back at the past or straight ahead for the future! I’m a forward looking girl but you can definitely check out my rear, so with me it is always okay to look back and maybe even whistle if you liked it. You want to see this pictorial as I’m going to tell you what’s coming this year. Are you ready? Did you want to drop your balls on me? Let’s get it on in 2012! CLICK HERE!


From the Archives: The Making of Rebecca (9+ Min. Video in Full TV Size) ~ This is the first of some very raw old footage way before I ever joined Dreamnet. I often get asked how I started on Dreamnet and quite frankly I have one answer, but my husband has another. You see, he knew I’d be doing this way before I did. I never would have done this on my own, but he slowly transformed me over time. As you know, I’m surely not your prototypical webgirl, so he had to do a lot of convincing to get me not only to bring up the topic, but also to get me to do this. This video is one of the earliest we found. We hope you will understand some of the grainy nature or hiccups but this is OLD footage. In this early video you see that my husband got me used to being blindfolded and bound. I can’t remember how or when this started but we did this every time. He’d pretend to be someone else. Sometimes a stranger. Sometimes someone he knew I thought was attractive. Sometimes an old boyfriend. He only bought black dildos and videotaped almost every sexual encounter we had.

You’ll see that I had a hairy pussy back then. Remember, at first I thought these would be home videos we would destroy, but here we are and now you get to see me in all my vulnerability. I hope you enjoy. More to come! CLICK HERE!