Rebecca is Going Global Update


So my boyfriend said he wanted to do something really special for me and for us to go somewhere unique for our vacation. Someplace that I’ve never been before and that would be all our own. Well I had no idea that I would be traveling to a place that no other Dreamgirl had ever done a shoot before. In fact, I’m sure it is illegal to do that there. The rules are strict and to be somewhere strange alone was a little out of the ordinary. I was definitely scared and my lover was in complete control of my destiny. Needless to say I had lots of fun and it was a unique experience.

Can you figure out where he took me? It was a culture shock for sure and some place I had never imagined going. I’m pretty sure this is a Dreamnet first. In fact it was weird for me to have people staring at me wherever we went. Like they’d never seen a porn star before! LOL! CLICK HERE if you want to see where Rebecca is opening up her new office. You’ll never guess.

Hmmm, where in the world is this? Find Rebecca


Took this photo the other day as we took a ski lift to the top of this famous place.  We were really high up.  The scenery was amazing and the experience was truly breath-taking.  Did I take any photos for the site?  Well nothing sexy.  Very hard to do here as I am sure “they” were watching us and my guide/host is at my side the whole time.

I am amazed though at how pristine this area is although I see more commercialism in this remote area.  Have a clue?  Ever been here?  This structure is supposed to resemble 5 nails in the ground representing the center of the world at that time.  In fact, there is a McDonald’s at the base of these structures.  The crowds were unbelievable even though nothing was going on!!

Obviously there are less obscure photos, BUT I want to see if you can figure it out before I post the update.  Let’s just say I haven’t seen other Dreamnet girls ever post from this destination yet!!  Wish you were here!

From __________ With Love,

Rebecca XOXO

Yes, Amazingly I’m Traveling – Where is Rebecca


If you are in touch with me via email or my blog you know that this month is crazy for me.  I’ve already been to two weddings and this week I’m traveling on business for a personal venture to a new place I’ve never been before.

Don’t worry, I have a personal camera with me and hope to take a few photos and give you a sense for where I am.  The world is a big place and life and resources are on short supply.  There is no way that you or I will get a chance to see all in the world that there is to offer, but perhaps together we can share some of thee great destinations.

So let’s see if you can guess where I am by some photos.  Today’s photo is the lobby of my hotel.  There was this beautiful girl playing the piano, it was 93 degrees F outside and I was pleasantly surprised that they would be showing the World Cup which I watched at an odd hour.

So where in the world is Rebecca? Let’s Explore my World!

Wednesday in the Park with Rebecca



Part of being with Rebecca’s Office is that I love beautiful places. I’ve taken you all to Paris, Vegas, Cancun, Hawaii, and even New York.  As my fans know, while all the action happens in the bedroom, I still like to get out and enjoy myself.  I’m an outdoors girl. In fact if you asked if I’d rather stay inside with my mother by the fire after a snow storm or hang with my dad plowing snow off the driveway, I’d choose the latter. So when I travel for business, you won’t see me sitting in conference rooms, visiting dark art museums, or even enjoying a movie.  I like to get out!  I want to be with the people and I want you to come with me!

So here I am visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the world and definitely one of my favorites.  If you haven’t been to this location, make sure to take the less beaten path.  You never know what you might find.  In fact, you might find some gal shooting naked photos!  Want to take a tour?    Check it out and see if you can tell where I am.  Come in and follow me for more clues as to where I am.

8 Years On Dreamnet Contest

Thanks to all my fans

Ah, summer is vacation time. This week also marks my 8th anniversary of being on Dreamnet. That is over 400 weeks of me and I have never taken a week off from being here and I’m not going to stop! You are all part of my life on here and I’m glad to share it with you. So I thought I’d find a way to turn this into a contest! I recently left the country and I of course want to share it with you.  So if you are a current or past member of my website, my contest is to find the name of the place I am standing in front of in the 4th photo of my free section with the orange and yellow balls hanging from the ceiling. The first person to get it right will earn 2 additional months membership to my program. The best way to find it is via Google Maps. You can either send me a tweet to @RebeccasOffice or email me with your guess. Even if you don’t guess it right, I think you’ll enjoy the photos and captions. They should give you a really strong hint!

The number 8 is very lucky in many cultures. And I feel very lucky to have found Dreamnet and the so many wonderful fans and friends I’ve made on here over the last 8 years. This contest is good through August 10. So are you feeling lucky? Well if you want more clues you’ll have to take a peek inside this pictorial on the member side where I have many more clues that should help. Come on in, we are having an 8th Anniversary party and I want you to join me on location on vacation!

A Happy Place

I love living near Disneyland.  In fact it is one of the great benefits of living here in California.  They have these season passes which make it affordable for the whole family to go multiple times a year.  For birthdays, for parties, or just for a regular pick me up.

I’ve always been a kid at heart so getting back there is so fun for me.  It makes me feel young again, or at least young at heart.  They’ve made some changes over the years, but it still makes people smile more than any other place on Earth!

Copies for Only $0.49

Only $0.49

So I was off to a conference in Illinois, but they lost my luggage!  I had all my copies of my presentation in my luggage and needed to go and get more made.  I was on my own with no assistant to help me.  It was early in the morning and the hotel’s business services group wasn’t even open yet!  So much for 4-star hotels!  Finally I found a copy store in the Loop.  Making copies is no easy task anymore.  The choices are so difficult.  Black and white, color, landscape, portrait, bonded paper, etc.  Oh well, it’s not my money.  So off to the copy store I went.  They told me it would be an hour before they’d be done.  What to do?

Chicago is a great place to visit, but I was stuck with no clothes and waiting for my presentation that I needed to give that afternoon. So if I sit on the copier, will they charge me $0.49 or $0.98 for a copy of my bum?  What do you think?    I must say, that Midwesterners are the most hospitable people even on a Monday morning!  I hated waiting though.  Come on in and see how I passed the time!