The Naked Truth about @RebeccasOffice and the DJ (20 min. video)

 As we saw in Part 1, when my husband first started sharing me with black lovers, I just did what he wanted until eventually it was just natural for me.  I never used my body to negotiate anything.  I never had bartered my looks to garnish favors from other men.  Now here I was.  Every weekend my husband was trading/auction sharing my body with others in return for services rendered or simply for their pleasure and mine.
At first I was scared.  I don’t know how many of you would sleep with or let alone let your spouse sleep with a complete stranger.  These were not men that I would normally hang around with in my everyday life.  I had never been treated with such animalistic lust before.  Watching these videos makes me wonder who that is in these videos.  It surely could not be me.  When he pulled out the condom and I told him to just forget it,  I can’t believe I did that!  I was caught in moment of passion. That is not the woman I was raised to be.  Spreading my legs wide, enjoying it and having these men fill my womb with their warm juices!?
When I let this man lick my ass as I sat on his face and then saw his massive cock pointing right in the air, I lost any inhibition.  I knew what I wanted and I took it.  People say the best part of my videos is the authenticity of the action.  Yes, this is authentic.  He was the DJ at the club where I stripped and this is how we paid him for his services.  Quite honestly I wished he charged me double!
If you have read the erotic stories on my blog:  They are based upon true facts I gave my talented members who write the stories.   This video is actually the basis for one of those stories.
This video was originally released as a 3 minute short  in my “Summer of 69”.  You might want to turn down the sound on your computer as I do a little swearing and some foul language is used.   CLICK HERE AND WATCH HOW I WAS TRADED FOR SERVICES RENDERED.

@RebeccasOffice 14th Anniversary: Her Naked Secrets

Yes this week I am celebrating 14 years on the Web.  It has been a long journey and along the way I have tried to stay true to all of you.  Well now that my site is run by, it makes sense that we clarify some things for you as when my husband was in charge, he controlled everything.   I didn’t start here because I wanted to.  I started here because I was told it would be good for me to learn what a man wants.

He convinced me to pose naked on the web , then he convinced me to have sex with other men, and then lent me out for their pleasure several days at a time asking them to film me whenever they could.  He wanted to turn me into his own sexual entertainment.  He wanted to train me to become dependent upon sex for pleasure until I became his own personal whore.  He succeeded
If you have read the erotic stories on my blog:  They are based upon true facts I gave my talented members who write the stories.   This video is actually the basis for one of those stories.
Eventually my husband got bored of whoring me out and selling my services to other men.  Now I belong to another and what my new lover has found are the libraries of videos that were taken of my exploits
This video was originally summarized in my “Summer of 69”.  I want to set the record straight and that this video did occur when my husband lent me to the DJ at a local strip club.  I had no choice but to enjoy his amazing cock.  My husband hated that I had an amazing night and never showed you the whole video, so I am providing this to you in 2 parts.   CLICK HERE AND WATCH HOW I WAS TURNED FROM A WIFE INTO A WHORE.


@RebeccasOffice gets her ass served by her boyfriend (Video)

Someone recently said I wasn’t keeping it fresh and I hadn’t posted my interracial action in a while!  I always do!  I have not missed a weekly update in 14 years.  Well if you want fresh, here is something I did this past weekend.  Actually I didn’t do anything.  My boyfriend did.  I told him I wanted to give you all something that you desired and that I could not imagine.   He made me get on all fours and serve him while he filmed with his phone.   As you can see, my boyfriend really knows how to take advantage of me.
As he would not face me the whole evening and took me over and over again and used me as his toy, I did not see what he was doing.  When I saw the end of this video, I was shocked at what he did to me.  I had no idea.  All I could say is that I enjoyed it but I could have enjoyed it more if he gave me the real thing.   CLICK HERE AND SEE HOW HE TRICKED ME. 

@RebeccasOffice Pays off the Debt Cowgirl Style in Stripper Economy Part 2 video update

So the Compton strip club DJ had this enormous cock.  Did you see it in part 1?  The way it pulsed when I sat on his face scared me.  It was so dark and thick and moved like a snake.  When I grabbed it, it was so hard and he had such control over it.  I was so wet from his eating of my pussy.  This boy was so nasty.  He told me he was going to “Put a little ghetto in my pussy”.  He kidded me that from now I’d be the classy edgy white girl at the club and that the boys have been clamoring for an innocent girl like me.  LOL!  Me?  Innocent?
But he did warn me about some of the other girls being jealous.  I told them I don’t do jealousy.  I’m a lover, not a fighter.  All the talk got me so horny though.  I needed to feel his cock inside me.
 I slid down on his cock first in Reverse Asian Cowgirl and then into regular Cowgirl. As I slid down I thought his cock would never end.  My gosh he was so deep inside me.  When a cock like this gets inside me I can not hide my enthusiasm.   CLICK HERE AND WATCH ME TAKE A RIDE ON HIS LOVESEAT. This is my favorite position if you did not know already.


@RebeccasOffice Barter System: The Stripper Economy (Part 1)

Every once in a while my boyfriend likes to take me out and show me off at some local amateur nights!  I must admit that I can’t shake it like some of the young girls, but I like to think that I can draw an audience with my simple sensual moves.  My experience being naked in front of many people also helps me win a lot of points with the audience.  Recently we were at a club in Compton and the crowd was rowdy.  They didn’t have a lot of my kind of music but after speaking with the DJ, he understood what I was looking for and put together some tracks that helped me come in second place.

Afterwards he came up to me to ask him for his fee for being my DJ.  He said that all girls gave him a tip.  I did not know this and he smiled and said cash was not an option.  I looked at my boyfriend and he smiled at me.  The DJ was not my normal type of guy I slept with, but I was pretty horny.  We took the DJ back to the hotel we were staying for the night and I paid him handsomely for his services.  Just as I thought, this guy was nasty.  I could not believe the things he said to me and did to me.

I don’t know many jobs like this where you can pay someone with anything but money. I guess taxes did not come into play here.  This is one of the best things about the adult entertainment industry.  I can always barter my body for services rendered.  CLICK HERE AND TELL ME WHAT KIND OF BARTER I COULD ARRANGE WITH YOU.

@RebeccasOffice wants to know if you can multitask and focus

As you know, after thirteen years I have a full time new cameraman and videographer, my boyfriend.  He’s always used to being on the other side of the camera with me so now he has to learn how to produce the content himself!
So how does he get better?  It takes practice!  Lots of practice.  You have to build your focus and stamina.  Ever try to get a blow job, keep your cock stiff and operate a camera at the same time?  It takes talent!  Well this past weekend, we decided to practice and I told him we could start with a simple blow job video.  Well we had to do lots of takes.  We had video where he forgot to aim the camera and all you saw was a wall.  Personally I think he messed up so that I had to do it again and again and again!
Watch how he asks me how to focus and what to focus on as we begin the video.  I always said I am the performer and not the video producer.  I can only tell him what to do.  If he does it right, then he’s satisfied me. Could you do the job?  Quite honestly he is learning and couldn’t do it as long as he’d like and had to put the camera down.  CLICK HERE AND SEE IF HE LEARNED HIS LESSON. MAYBE YOU CAN DO BETTER.


@RebeccasOffice Video Post : Take Me, Own Me and Loan

What I do love about sleeping with black men is that they are so aggressive and demanding.  More importantly they have me do things I would never have dreamed of doing on my own.  So now when I am slutty and do things I never dreamed of, like having strange men cum in my unprotected pussy, I can blame it on my lover.  I love being their submissive white pussy for their pleasure.

So what has changed for me?  Nothing really.  I haven’t slept with a non-black man in years.  I do love it more than ever and now I get more access to it than ever.  For example, this coming Father’s Day, I don’t have to celebrate it with anyone (my own father has passed), and I am going away with my lover for a long weekend of incredible lovemaking and aggressive sex.  My passion for sex though is also growing.  I have never loved sex as much as I love it today.  I am always craving a cock inside me.  I’d also say that I am now a more vocal lover.  I cannot stop expressing how good these guys make me feel!

What kind of sex?  I don’t know.  I am sure my lover has it planned out.  Check out the rest of this video where he shared me with a friend as a favor to pay a small debt.  What I loved about his friend is the way he could take me standing up and then got me so horny that I could not control myself as I rode him to 3 orgasms.  Yes, it was so hot we soaked through 2 beds in one night!

Can you handle my sex drive now?? I just can’t seem to get enough these days.  Perhaps you need to contact my boyfriend so he cans share me with you too.  CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW MUCH I LOVE IT.


Video Update: Rebecca Shared by Her Boyfriend With Roommate

Once you become a black-owned Queen of Spades, you enter a whole new world.  Many say that BBCs are very possessive, but I didn’t realize what it would be like until we moved in together.  My boyfriend and his roommates are like brothers.  They share cars, homes, and girls.  When I moved in he warned me how we worked and that I was more that a girlfriend, but a possession.   He also told me that everyone in the house lives in complete harmony.

So as it turns out last weekend my boyfriend had to work late and as I slept I heard his roommate come in the room and he climbed on the bed and started making love to me.  I always see him walking around the house and the bulge between his legs is something that keeps me wet.  But usually my boyfriend is around so we hadn’t had a chance to play.  I loved how DeWayne seduced me in my half comatose state and gave a slow hard lovemaking and telling me how he loved my pussy and was glad to share it.

He was thick and I loved it.  Eventually my boyfriend came home and caught us.  To my surprise, he was not mad that I was being fucked by another man in our bed.  In fact he loved sharing me.  He said that he loves expensive things and loved sharing them with his friends even more.  Can you tell they love pounding me into the mattress?  I am becoming so addicted to this lifestyle.  I need these big cocks between my legs every night.

  Would you share me with your friends?  Are you possessive??  CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW GOOD MY LIFE IS AS THE SHARED QUEEN OF THE HOUSE.


Member Erotica: Part 9 Backmailed and Owned

Part 9 Rebecca’s Black Master Breeds Her In Her Marriage Bed

Maria drove home and on the way she was wondering about her latest encounter.  It was actually great sex and she hoped more of her Black Master’s friends were as good in bed. If so, she thought maybe this could be okay until she found a way out of this mess.  When Maria arrived at her house she parked the car in the garage and then went inside without making a sound as she was later than normal and she did not want to wake anyone. When she was in she took her shoes off and quietly walk up the stairs and when she got to the bedroom she open the door slowly and walked in and slowly took her clothes off, washed off in the shower and slid into bed.  She was exhausted and as soon as her head hit the pillow, she was out.

When she woke in the morning she got up quietly and prepared as usual so as not to wake her husband and kids and then quietly went downstairs to get grab some breakfast and while she was having her breakfast she was thinking about what had happened the prior night when she had sex with one of her Black Masters friends. As Maria drove to work she was hoping that her Black Master would not be texting her today as she needed to have the time to think of what to do as she still needed to get out of this. Maria arrived at her office and went in to start a new day.  Before she got in to work, she remembered a task that he asked.  She went to the Human Resources manager and asked them for new business cards with one change.  She wanted her cards to now read R. Maria Ferrante. “What is the R for,” asked the assistant. She told her that she always was called Maria, but Rebecca was her given name and that old friends still sometimes called her that.

As the day went on she seemed to forget about her secret life.  She always immersed herself in her work and just got stuck into her work. It wasn’t until the markets were nearly closed that she noticed that her Black Master had not texted her and she felt relieved. When it was time to go she left the office and just as she was going to get into her car she realized why her Black Master had not texted her as he was waiting for her by her car and he told her to get in. He asked her when she got home if she had a few hours to spare before her husband and kids got home. Maria was thinking that he wanted her to go with him somewhere before going home and said that she had at 4 hours before everyone came home. She asked if they needed to go far to meet his next friend she’d be sleeping with and he said, “No, because I want to come and see you at your house.” Maria said that would be never happen as that was too dangerous.  Nosey neighbors would see him and wonder what was going on and call the local security. But her Black Master didn’t listen.  “I don’t care.  You are my slut and I will fuck you wherever I like, especially where you sleep. I can’t be your master unless I fuck you in your home and bed. That is where I will fuck you.  You have no choice.” When realized she was not going to win when she saw the look on his face and knew that he was not in the mood to take no for an answer.

She was nervous.  She was having this conversation in public with this large black man sitting on the hood of her car. Then before her Black Master got off the car he looked at her and said, “I will meet you here at the same time tomorrow and we will go to your house and you will make me welcome and do whatever I tell you to do.”   Before she could respond, he turned around and walked away.

Maria drove home thinking what he had planned for her tomorrow when he get to her house. Was he going to do something crazy?  What Maria did not know was that her Black Master was going to record him breeding her in her marriage bed and then he hoped that this would finally break her will and she would do whatever he wanted. She would do it without any objection and he could openly start to turn her into a true black cock slut. When Maria got home she went upstairs and went to hear bedroom and fell on the bed and started to cry as she felt like she was being drawn deeper into a dark world where she would not be able to escape from.  Her home was her sanctuary and now this man was going to make it dirty. It was okay that she was starting to be okay with it in his hotel room, but not in her own bed where she had created her family.  She thought about how she detested the Black Master, but then about how much she liked his friend from the night before.  Maybe he was going to see her again.  She liked his forceful and strong hands.  Maybe this was all okay as long as he was making her do it.  She wasn’t a slut because he was making her do it.  She had no choice but to do it.  She was starting to rationalize it all.  Proving to herself that it was okay because she wasn’t doing this willingly. He was forcing her and that was why the orgasms were more powerful that she had ever had with her husband. After she had been crying for some time she started to drift off asleep and started to remember all that she had been through and was getting turned on in her dreams and her vagina was starting to get wet.  Then she had a powerful orgasm and she squirted as her dreams got more powerful as she had nightmares of herself having sex with her Black Master.  In her dream she was screaming that she wanted to be fucked hard and then she suddenly woke up. It was only 5pm am.  She suddenly remembered that he was coming and that she should put away any incriminating evidence like photos of her children, family, etc.  She didn’t want him to see her daughter’s rooms and photos. She got up and spent the next two hours preparing for the afternoon rendez vous.  She then got undress and switch on the shower and started to wash herself hard and then when she had finished she switch off the shower and dry herself and put some casual clothes on and then went down to get ready for when the family came home.  She was feeling better now,  but Maria was worried about what if someone came home early how would she explain her Black Master being there and this started to worry her but what could she do so she left it for now. After dinner she went to bed early and tied to get a good nights sleep and maybe when she woke up she would have an idea.

When Maria woke up the next morning she got out of bed quietly and got herself ready for work and when she was ready she got her stuff and went downstairs and had breakfast.  As she was leaving, the rest of her house was waking up.  She said a quick goodbye to everyone and took off for work.

On the way to work, she hoped they would leave the house in order.  She knew that her Black Master would snoop around her house and she did not want him to see anything she didn’t want him to see. When Maria arrived at her office she worked hard to clear her mind and she forgot about everything unti it was time to go. As she left the office her stomach got queasy. As she approached the car she hoped that he had forgot but when she got there he was waiting and he had a bag with him. She asked him what was in the bag and he said you will find out later. Maria then said that she was not ready todo this, but her Black Master looked at her and she knew that she did not want to get on his bad side.  He just got in the back of her car and lay down and closed the door and told her to drive. When she got in, he told her to drive and they took off.  It was a difficult drive.  The whole commute home he reached up her skirt and fondled her between her legs. By the time they got home, she had had two orgasms and her pussy was soaked. Once the garage door closed behind them, the Black Master follow her into the house and they went to the kitchen and she asked him if he wanted something to drink.  She figured if she could delay him as much as she could, they would have no time for sex. He said a beer will do, so she got him a beer and they both sat down on the couch. She was still worried about what he had planned for her.  Suddenly the Black Master chugged the beer in one gulp, wiped his mouth and let out a huge belch.

She was appalled.  She asked if she could get him another one, but her Black Master got up and told Maria to get up as he grabbed her arm and picked up the bag and forced her up the stairs and Maria tried to resist but he was strong and then when they had reach the top he told her to lead him to her bedroom. She knew what he wanted to do and begged him not to do this.  She reminded him that it was the bed she created her familys in and said she would do it anywhere but there.  But he slapped her across the face and said, “You don’t get it, do you?  You belong to me now.  This is now the bed where you will take my cum. I’m not changing anything.  You will continue to be bred in this bed.  It will just now be by a black cock.  When you sleep in this bed every night, you will be reminded of the great fucks you had with me in the bed.”

When they walked in, he whistled when he saw the bed.  It was a four post canopy bed. “Whew a fancy bed!  I ain’t never fucked in one of these beds before!  I guess you white girls need a fancy bed.  I like it.  He dragged her in and threw her onto the bed and shut the door.  She watched as he opened the bad and set up a video camera.  He then turned on some music and told her to strip and she slowly started to strip as he filmed take her clothes off.  Once she was naked he got he undressed and told her that he was going to record her being bred on her marriage bed.  This was going to be her confessional and if she objected, he was going to release this video all over the web.  He then handed her a piece of paper and said, “When I say ‘cut’, I want you to look into the camera, smile and read this.”  She looked down and started to say something, but he looked up and she knew she had absolutely no choice

The Black Master started the video and gave her the signal.  Maria put on her best fake smile and read, “Hi, I am Rebecca Ferrante, your typical working housewife.  Today I am beginning a new chapter in my life.  I am giving up on white cock forever and will devote my body to the pleasure of black men.  Over the past couple of weeks I have pleasured close to a dozen black men and realize that my body is made for black cock.  Today I will make it official right here in my bed.  My Master will breed me right before your eyes.  You will say me beg for it and take it hard.  Even if I look like ithurts, please understand that this is the way I like it.  I might look uncomfortable but it is only because my tight white pussy is still getting used to the size and strong love-making of these men.”  She was almost crying now. “Today you will see how this bed which was once pure will now become a symbol of lust for the slut and whore that I have become for black cock.  Should any black men who know me see this video, please make sure to quietly identify your desires and I will gladly comply.”

When she was finished he turned off the camera and said, “Excellently done.  Now I want you to listen to me.  Enjoy our sex, tell me you want it and I want you to be loud.  The better you are, the faster we will be out of here before your family gets home.  Do you understand?”

She was scared. She knew she was in a hopeless situation.  She replied, “Ok, you are not really going to release this video out there, will you?  It would ruin my career and my marriage. I promise to be good”.

“If you do exactly as I told you, you have nothing to worry about.  Just be the slutty woman I have made you to be and we will all be fine.  I know you enjoyed tat fucking by John the other night and I know you enjoyed it and bet you want more.  We will make sure your pussy is well fed with black cock that is has become addicted to.”  She understood.  He was right, but how did he know?  “Okay, I’m going to turn the camera back on and I want you to be the best white MILF slut whore you can be”.  Maria knew he had won.  This was the only place she had felt safe and now she was going to fuck him her bed and it would be recorded and she knew that this is what he had wanted all along and if anyone found out she could not live with the shame of it and she would from now on do has he wanted in order to hide this charade. She now knew that she was looking at his dark side as he was going to force her to do whatever he wanted on her bed.

The Master looked at her as he pressed the Record button on the camera.  Maria immediately became Rebecca.  She said stiffly, “Master I am ready for my Black Cock Commitment Ceremony.”  She then jumped on the bed naked on her knees in her pearls and heels.  The camera saw him moving over to the bed as he put his cock into her mouth and she sucked him. He forced his cock all the way into her mouth and she started to gag and started to feel sick, but she did her best as she hoped the quicker she fucked him the quicker he will leave. But he was going to take his time enjoy seeing her beg to be bred in her bed and capture on video the look on her face when he cums in her. When he was hard he told Rebecca to turn and spread her legs and when she was ready he got between her he started to rub her clit and he put two fingers into her vagina and started to finger fuck her as he wanted her begging to be fucked. He could feel her vagina getting wet as he used his fingers and she was screaming, “Oh god, don’t stop, I’m gonna cum”, but he slowed down and whispered in her ear that he would only let her cum when she begs to be fucked. He told her to remember that she is performing for the video camera and she better make it good. She looked at him with a tear in her eye knowing that this would be the most incriminating video ever.  He had won, but she was addicted to his ways and she needed him to leave. She needed him to cum. She saw him smile as he looked at her. “Please fuck me Master.  I want it.  I need you.  Please,” she pleaded loud enough for the camera to hear.

Her Master smiled, “That’s my fucking white whore.  Yeah, beg for it.” He pulled his fingers out and pushed his cock up against her fuck hole until she said, “Put it in please.  I want it.  Just as she rocked her ass back, he slid in slowly until it was all the way in.  Rebecca was quiet as her body stiffened. He couldn’t see her face but he knew she was deep in concentration.  Her vagina squeezed his cock tightly.  Finally he heard her take a breath, “Oh my god, it feels so good.”  A tear ran down her eye as she realized how good his cock felt inside her.  The head of his cock kept rubbing back and forth of her clitoris as she rocked back and forth in slow movements. The angle of his cock combined with its girth was almost perfect.  As he fucked her he Slowly picked up the pace and started talking dirty as he pulled her hair back, “You like it don’t you. You are a fucking whore who likes it hard from black men, don’t you? You are the best black cum breeder around.” He slapped her ass like a jockey riding a horse and she screamed in shock at the sting. She wasn’t acting now.  She was on the brink of a large orgasm and she wanted him to cum with her. “Yes, that’s me.  I am a fucking whore.  I want your cum.  I want every single drop.  I don’t want anything but your black cock and your cum. Fuck me.  You feel so good.”  She was surprised how easily those words came out of her mouth.  Maybe she really was a slut for black cock. She started to push up to get more of his cock in her vagina and screamed “Fuck me you bastard. If this is what you have want me to be, then show me. Fuck me and own me forever.  Mark me with your cum right here in my bed. The words inspired both of them as he grabbed her hips and shook her body.  She felt his sweat drip onto her back. She started to feel her orgasm build and she was screaming at him to fuck her harder and make her cum.

“You want it?  You want me to fill your white pussy with my black seed and put a black baby inside you?” He pulled out, flipped her over and told her to spread her legs. Rebecca turned over.  She looked up and seeing this huge tattooed black man over her in her own bedroom and on her bed hit reality.  She was facing her new life.  He spat and his saliva hit her pussy and drained into her pussy just as his cock re-entered her.  He looked her fiercely in the eye and his sinister smile scared her as she unconsciously put her hands and legs round him and pushed up to get more of his cock inside her.  She wanted it all. Suddenly it overcame her as she closed her eyes and screamed, “Oh god, yesssssss.  Don’t stop, please don’t stop.  Harder.Cum baby, please cummm.” She dug her nails into his back as she came and then she used her vagina to grab his cock and make him cum.  She felt him push his cock all the way into vagina and it touched her G-Spot and roared, “Oh yesss, you white bitch, you are mine now!  AAAAhhhhhhhh!  Yes, you are mine and that black baby is mine too!” Of course she was still on the pill but she felt his streams of cum enter her.  The pulsing of his cock was so strong that it caused her to have another small orgasm.  He was filling her up and he really wanted to get her pregnant she thought.  This was so hot. He collapsed in a hot sweaty pile on top of her body.  She could feel his massive cock still pulsing inside of her. As he got soft, he rolled over onto the pillow and grabbed her hand to stroke his cock. She looked at him.  It was odd to see another man bsdies her husband laying there next to her.  She was going to have to get used to it.  She looked at her clock.  She was relieved that there was still an hour before her family would start to come home. He then rolled over and started kissing her.  And biting her neck.  He whispered, “I’m going to show everyone the cum in your pussy.  I want you to smile and beg for more.” She was shocked. He wanted more?  There wasn’t time.

The Master got off the bed and got the camera and zoomed in on her vagina with his cum leaking out onto the bed and then he put the camera back on the tripod. He then pointed at her. She thought fast, “Daddy, I need more cum.  I want to make sure your cum made a baby.” He winked his approval and got back on the bed and told her to clean his cock. He put it back into her mouth and told her to give him a blowjob again to get him hard as he had not finished with her yet.

When he was hard again he took it out of her mouth and told her to get on her hands and knees and to face the camera. She got on her hands and knees and turned around to look at the camera. She couldn’t see what was going on as he got some lube and covered his cock and quickly stuck his fingers into her ass. The look of shock on her face was priceless as the camera caught the moment. But just as quickly he replaced his fingers with her cock and pushed it into her ass.  This time it was so fast that she had no time to panic. The camera caught the shock and the pain. “No….oh my god, it is too big. Please don’t. It hurts.  She didn’t realize the protests were exactly what he wanted.  It turned him on to see her take it forcefully. He continued to push his cock deeper into her ass and then when he was all the way in he started to fuck her long and hard. “You can’t be MY whore until I unload in your ass too. This will make it official.” Tears streamed from her eyes as she pulled her head up so the camera could see her face. She didn’t want someone to come home and see her like this. “Please I don’t want them to see me like this.  They will be home soon,” she pleaded. She got no sympathy.  She begged him to slow down as he was forcing his cock into her ass and she was in pain. She grabbed the sheets and held on for dear life as she tried to get used to him fucking her in the ass, but no matter how many times she was fucked in the ass she could not get use to it.  She needed him to cum soon though.  “OH, use me.  Yes, fuck it harder. I want it.  Treat me like your slut, Daddy.” It worked.  Well it turned her on at least as she started to feel another orgasm build and then she screamed, “Oh god, not again! I’m cumming. Fill my ass with your black seed. It’s mine.  Your cock is mine!”  He stopped for a second to listen.  He had broken her.  This was going to be the perfect blackmail video.  He shoved his cock all the way into her ass and then he told her that he was going to fill her ass with his cum. Suddenly he let out another gigantic roar and with the tightness of her ass, she felt him launching his sperm into her rectum. The pulses almost hurt because his cock was like a vice expanding her asshole even wider with each surge. He then pulled his dripping cock out of her ass and got off the bed and got the camera and zoom in on her ass with his cum leaking out onto the bed sheets. He then put the camera back and checked the time and saw that he had time left so he decided that he would finish by filming him cum on her face and breasts. He got his cock and told her to get on her knees and give him a blowjob and he forced himself into her mouth.  She was sobbing now.  She didn’t know what time it was, but figured she was going to get caught.  He was fucking her mouth and she was trying to get him to cum quickly but knew that any minute someone from her family was going to walk in on them and her life would be over. But before she knew it, he was hard and ready and he took it out of her mouth and came on her face and breasts. When he had finished he got the camera and held the camera on her body, face and breasts and said, “Who and what are you?”  She needed to get this right and hopefully get out. “I am Rebecca Ferrante and I am now officially a submissive black owned slut and whore for black men only.” Her Master then turned off the camera.  He was done.

He told her to get a shower as he put his camera in the bag.  She told him she had no time and put her clohes back on without evenher underwear.  The cum on her chest stained through her white blouse.  She didn’t care.  She needed to get out before they were caught. She grabbed his camera bag as he took his time getting dressed and threw it into the car as he stumbled along behind her. He got into the back seat with his bag and laid down.  As they pulled away from the house Rebecca sighed a sigh of relief.  When she got to the corner, she saw one of her daughters pull up to the house on her bike.  It was a close call and every minute counted.

When she got to his hotel he got up and open the back door and got out and he told her that he will be in touch soon. She saw the normal group of black thugs standing there outside the entrance asking him how it went. He said it went great and that he got it all on video and that they could come up and watch it. They all looked at her and grab hold of there cocks outside of their pants and shouted, “I’m next you whore”. Maria started her car and drove off has quick as she could.

Although humiliated, she felt that it went well and that her Black Master was satisfied with her performance that he was not going to have to use the tape to blackmail her.  What she did not know was that her Black Master was going to edit the video of her becoming an escort and put it on the website, a site he had created to document the evolution of a respectable white woman being turned into a whore for black men. He would later decide if he would use the video he has just recorded on the website or keep it in case he needed it for her continued obedience.

@RebeccasOffice After Dark: Living Out Her Secret Fantasy (Video Update)

Well as you know by now if you have been reading my blog that the idea of erotica really turns me on.  All the episodes turn me on and I hope they arouse you too.  Recently the stories have crossed the idea of me becoming an escort for black men.  Well I thought it would be a good idea to show you how it would look if a black man paid to have sex on camera with me as a boyfriend or husband caught it all on video and camera.  Is it reality?  Is it fiction?  Maybe you can decide if I can give men the real girlfriend experience.  I mean, shouldn’t this be what my Queen of Spades status propel me to do?  I think I would offer “The Girlfriend Experience”.
So you know what I do by day, but what happens when I go home?  I do get off work early every day.  Is this what your co-workers do every night to earn a little more?  No way will I drive for Uber! Yes I get propositioned all the time via email.  What if I said yes? What if we met after work downtown and I turned down the lights while my handler took photos and video.  This is how it looks when we have sex in the dark with strangers and camera people walking around in the dark while we have sex.  For you husbands and boyfriends out there who want to share your women with a black man, this could be a good way to get your girl to go black.  I can’t believe that people would be willing to pay to be part of this. Or maybe I shouldn’t be surprised.  So you think I’d be good?  Well read the stories on my blog, watch this video and see what people say about my “after dark” services!
 So how much would you pay for this service?  How much do you think I should charge for this?  What kind of services would you like me to perform?  CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW GOOD MY GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE IS.