@RebeccasOffice Double Video Update: Be A Slut, Up Da Butt

What is going on?  2 Videos?  Well I have a regular update and I also wanted to address administratively the continuing changes with RebecccasOffice.com that started at the beginning of the year when we moved away from Dreamnet to OurNakedSecrets.


In Part 1 you saw how my lover warmed me up.  A great lover knows that not only is he prepping my pussy to be destroyed, but he is also prepping my mind for anything.  He’s telling me how wonderful and beautiful I am and helping me to understand that he is about to show me how much he worships and owns me to the point that I am a willing participant in however he chooses to show his love for me.  So here in Part 2 you see that in this afternoon affair that my lover breaks me down by first bringing me to a powerful missionary orgasm and then takes me in a helpless position cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and doggie style.  Finally, he gets me in the prone bone position and takes me in the ass.  My boyfriend says that is what separates a true slut from the rest.  Letting a lover take you bare in the ass and then sucking his cock before he puts it back in your pussy.

I am not your normal cuckoldress.  I don’t let my man be around to watch or talk.  This is for me.  When I take my video much of the time it is so I can play it back in my mind. I have to say that when I sleep with my lovers I can’t believe that I let them do some of the things they do.  I look back and wonder how I let them take me in the ass.  I love it, but it is not the most comfortable thing to do.    CLICK HERE AND WHAT SEE HOW A SLUTWIFE TAKES IT IN THE ASS.


Those members who have known me since before 2017 knows that I had a video store when I was on the Dreamnet platform.  We are getting that restarted here at OurNakedSecrets.com.  Most of these videos were more professionally shot, were brighter, and more often than not had professional acting partners and cameramen to take these videos.   These all started with my videos taken with the DFWKnight who was my first professional partner.  The series called True Romance are very well known.  The difference between the ones produced by me and the ones by him are that my ex had a separate camera and took more video and did not edit his videos so my versions are a lot longer versions with different angles.  You truly get a cuckold’s view.  For those of you who never bought these videos, here are the trailers for parts 2,4, and 5.

 My webmaster, Rob, is feverishly looking to restart my video store so that all of you can see the newly remastered versions of the videos.  The videos will all be in HD and have the ability to be streamed right in your browser. So watch for these videos coming back soon!   CLICK HERE AND TAKE A LOOK AT THESE TRAILERS AND SEE WHAT MY PROFESSIONAL VIDEOS LOOK LIKE.


Rebecca has a public sex fantasy

GangfantasySo a couple week’s ago I took you to this public restroom, well I didn’t tell you it is a big fantasy of mine.  It is no mystery that I love being exposed to all of you and watching me naked in public.  It is also probably no mystery to all of you that I am a bit of a submissive.  But I am a bit of a nice innoocent girl because I would never ever really want that to happen.  I mean, nice girls like me don’t do this kind of thing.  Well what I really want is for someone just to take me and have their way with me in public and maybe even bring a few friends.  Think that can be arranged?

Yes, that is right.  My biggest fantasy is to have a rough gangbang in a public place with multiple strangers.  Well maybe not too rough or disgusting, but at least really naughty such that they make me scream in pleasure and beg for more.  CLICK HERE IF YOU KNOW WHAT I NEED.


Rebecca’s Sounds of Seduction and Turning Point

The Turning Point – 15 Min. Interracial

I know you all have enjoyed my work here for over 8 years, but as you know I am no pro at this and as you can probably guess, there are times when I’ve done things and thought, “I can’t do this. This is wrong. I need to quit.” Well back in 2004, my husband set me up for my fist Valentine’s Day present with my lover. I was nervous as this was my second visit with him. My husband dressed me in red for my lover, but this was going to be my last time I would do this. After this day, I was going to go back and be a regular housewife. Well as soon as my lover put his tongue on my pussy I knew I was never going back. He had me. Ever since that day I have given my heart to my black lovers. I never spent Valentine’s Day with my husband again. I get asked every time and it is so true. Once you go black … you never go back. My lover tasted so good and ate me to the most incredible climax. Are these guys superior lovers? You bet! Watch as my lover seduces me into a life that I will never be able to quit. CLICK HERE!

The Sounds of Seduction – 50 Min. Video! (Over 50 minutes long of unedited video)

So I met up with a young lover a while back. I felt so sneaky as he still lived in the same house as his parents and had a really small room. The room was so small that I couldn’t get the camera back enough to get a good video and we had to keep the lights out so they thought he was asleep. So when I taped it I didn’t think the quality was good, but my husband found it, loved it, and thought I should share this with you. The best part for you is that you get to hear every word and hear me as I take a cock in the ass for the very first time. You might say I enjoyed it. Ever want to hear what two lovers say when they are making love? Then listen in as Rebecca’s lover seduces her and convinces her to take it in the ass. Listen to her whimper as he strokes this cougar’s pussy and ass. You can tell her cries are not those of a woman in pain, but one of a woman who realizes that she is now forever convinced that she can’t do without black cock in her life. CLICK HERE!

My Archived Video Triple Feature

As we reveal more of my past to all of you, I could not believe all these videos my husband showed me. I can’t believe how it seems like he taped every time we had sex. I was such an innocent housewife that I had no idea that I was slowly turning into a wanton woman who wanted to try sex with other men and enjoyed showing off in front of the camera. You know how you sometimes watch old videos and can’t believe that was you? Well, I can’t believe it when my husband pulled out almost 50 hours of tapes of me having sex. There are so many tapes that I’m almost embarrassed to show you!

I sure hope you enjoy these videos of over 20 minutes of never before seen footage. These are new glimpses of my life that I can’t believe we are showing you. I’m sure these videos will answer many questions you’ve always wanted to ask though. With this Triple Feature, I’m hoping you learn a lot more this week! CLICK HERE FOR 20 MINUTES OF VIDEOS all In Full TV Size … See me before Dreamnet!

#1: The Black Dildo ~ My husband introduced me to this dildo a mere half year before I joined Dreamnet. When he put it on the table in front of me, I was stunned. There was no way that thing would go inside me. It felt so good and then he told me it was a model of a real porn star and put a video on of that actor with white women. Watch my first time with this dildo. It has become my favorite when I am alone. This dildo inspired me to pursue my dreams of sleeping with a black man and just 11 months later I did! So for husbands who want to see their wives try black, get them one of these! CLICK HERE!

#2 The Striptease ~ To get me used to posing for the camera, my husband used to buy me clothes and strip for him before having sex. I stripped for him for over 8 years to the point where I can’t remember the last time I didn’t do that. These striptease exercises prepared me for my naked life in front of the camera. My husband would tell me that I looked great but I never believed him. No woman really ever believes that men want to see them naked like a Playboy bunny. I always told him that I hoped nobody would ever see these videos. Hopefully I’ve gotten better at stripping and giving blowjobs. CLICK HERE!

#3 – The Talk & Fuck ~ Here I am in my very own bed. My husband would get me excited talking about how he’d met some guys and showed them some photos of me. He told me how several of them were well hung men who couldn’t wait to explode inside me. While having sex heHe’d them tell me to imagine that I had the chance to sleep with them and as he screwed me he’d tell me to scream their names and beg for them to explode inside me. Watch how I look into the camera as my husband released inside me in reverse cowgirl position. I really had brainwashed myself into the mindset that I had just been impregnated by a stranger. It was almost like having 10 straight years of thinking of other men while I slept with my husband. I was ready to sleep with strangers by the time I reached Dreamnet status. CLICK HERE!

Rebecca’s 1st Time Gone Black Videos

It’s Out…….just in time for your pleasure!

Rebecca Takes It Deep For the 1st Time

Remember that first time you ever had something you weren’t supposed to have? Well you didn’t just take a little nibble and walk away. You went back for more and more. Rebecca is no different. This very first night she took like a fish to water. She wasn’t going to just get one small taste of black cock. She was going to go back for seconds and thirds

Well this lost tape was found in the attic and is a classic. Remember this is her first time with a black lover. After her first pop, she rested for a bit and attacked her black lover. This MILF was addicted and can’t stop!

So if you ever wonder if you could have an affair or what it would be like to see your wife’s face the first time another man puts his cock deep inside her, just pretend it is you behind the camera as you watch Rebecca. So you now know what happened to Rebecca, just imagine what would happen to you or that woman in your life when she first gets her taste of something else.  To purchase the video…CLICK HERE

Also, be sure to check out Part 1, also available for download….CLICK HERE