Did you “CATCH” my latest present from a fan?



Rebecca’s Gone Fishing? What are we talking about here? Yes, we all know that fishing is not my thing. About the only thing I do with fish is cook and eat it! I have to laugh because I have a few members who have told me that they’d like to take me fishing. I have one fan who has been talking about the art of fishing and how it represents the great metaphor of life. Now he sent me this dress with fishnet hose. I get it! I can take a hint. Well I might go fishing, but I don’t think I’ll be catching many fish. I actually have gone fishing….once. If you only knew what I caught!! You will laugh!

Am I a great catch? Are you? Do you fish? What would you fish for? Fish in a stream? A river? A lake? The ocean? Well let me tell you what. Come inside and let me tell you about how I’d use this dress to catch some pretty big slimey fish. I promise I won’t tell you about the ONE that got away. I will tell you about what I did catch once though. Ready? Let’s see you cast your rod out there and see what you catch. CLICK HERE & LET ME TELL YOU MY FISHING STORY!

Is Rebecca Wearing Underwear?


After reading last week’s update you are probably thinking that this woman must really be into black lover love-making. Well the truth is that I really am and I get mesmerized by my lovers. I just cannot control myself. I do whatever my lover wants as I want to show him how happy and how I’m appreciative of the fact that he let’s me share his bed with him. I know that sometimes he is a little worried if I really belong to him or someone else. So that is why I never defy him. I want to show him that his needs take priority over everyone else. Well as you saw last week, he wrote on me. Well he also made another request. He hates my wearing underweat and requested that whenever I visit him that I shouldn’t be wearing any.

So on my last visit I made sure to get dressed as he desired. Short skirt and crop top. It was so hot outside so I didn’t mind wearing something a little more risqué. Of course I didn’t plan on being so nervous that I blew through a stop sign and got pulled over by a cop. Fortunately he didn’t frisk me.

He did look at me funny though.  Well when I got to my lover’s home, he immediately had me step inside and gave me a once over.  I love it when my lover looks at me like a piece of meat.  CLICK HERE to see if I was in compliance with his wishes.

Message from Rebecca’s Lover



Usually Rebecca meets with her lover and comes home exhausted from a night of all-night love making.  On this particular occasion she told her husband that her lover had a special message for him.  After a long night of breeding and love-making, her lover had a special feeling and wanted to let his feelings known.  You see, his feelings have grown for her and although he knows that Rebecca is a married woman, he wants her all to himself.

Rebecca’s husband knew what was coming he thought, but he was not prepared for the message that Rebecca brought home this time.

Rebecca always comes home and tells her husband about the incredible night of love making that she had with her lovers.  For her husband, it is quite a turn on to hear about the great dates and how much fun that she had whether it was just a night on the town or simply a night in bed with bodies entwined.  Seeing his wife satisfied, Al can always tell when Rebecca has fallen deeper for her lover.  This night was different though and her husband was not quite ready for what was to come.  Come inside to see the secret message Rebecca’s lover gave for Rebecca to pass to her husband.

Santa Needs Help! Rebecca to the Rescue!


I got the call from the North Pole and it appears Old St. Nick once again under-estimated and over-ate this holiday season.  He needed help and I was in the giving mood.  Who doesn’t want to be one of Santa’s little helpers?  The only problem with being a Santa’s helper is that you have to wear the silly uniform.  Those little elves have the worst gig.  The long hours, the terrible location and lastly the ghastly uniforms.  They don’t even get time off during the holidays working for that jolly old fellow!  I mean, even Frosty the Snowman gets to go outside and play in the show with the reindeer.  Well, like I said, who could say NO to Father Christmas!  Can you help me too?!

Like I said, tis the time to get out there and help others.  This means even if I have to put on this silly little uniform, then I will humiliate myself to make sure everyone out there gets a toy!  Now for your job, they are called Santa’s “Little” helpers.  That means the uniforms are a little tight.  Can you help me out?  Come on in and help me take this off!  CLICK HERE


Wanna Be my Boyfriend?

Come Home To This?

Come Home To This?

The best part of being a Dreamgirl is knowing that I have aroused you.  Another side benefit is that I have found my inner goddess and have become insatiable when it comes to my need for sex.  Lately I’ve been getting very naughty and daring by inviting my boy toys to my home just so I can be filled up.  Hearing them grunt and groan as they push harder and release deep inside me while sweating profusely is so animalistic.  I love the feel of their raw emotions spilling out of them as they drive deep inside me.  It makes me feel so good and powerful to know that I was good enough to make them happy and fulfilled.   Can I fulfill you?

So this week after I invited my lover over to my house for a few hours of incredible sex, I was so spent, but my lover wanted to take a few photos of me, so I put my lingerie back on and let him take some photos. He kept whistling and saying naughty things to me as he snapped away. It just got me so horny that as soon as he put the camera down, I grabbed for his cock and we went at it one more time!  Click Here to see the Photos.  Do they get you horny?


Fast Car & a Faster Woman – Video

Do you like it in a car?

Do you like sex in a car? That’s a dangerous thing. Well I like to live dangerously! I’m only kidding. I could never have sex in a moving car! Now if the car is parked, that is a different thing.

My lover called me to meet me at his place as he was staying home from work to watch the landscapers work on his new home while his wife was out at work. I’m a bad girl, but I always wanted to sleep with a married man in his own marital bed and show him what it would be like to take me in his bed instead of his wife.

Well, my plans were screwed up as the gardeners were all over the place and we did not want to get caught. I quickly pulled into his garage when nobody was looking. He told me we’d need to do it in the garage instead of the bedroom as the room looked out over the pool in his backyard and they were putting in new shrubs. We decided to do it in the back of my SUV. You know what they say, “if this car’s a rocking, Rebecca is getting knocked up”…or something like that. This is some of the hottest sex I’ve ever had. You can even hear the gardener mowing the lawn and then honking his horn looking for my lover! Do we get caught? You’ll have to check it out!

Rebecca Pimped Out

I got this video sent to me the other day. I forgot it even existed because it was taken by a friend of my husband who lives over 2500 miles away.

Sometimes you have to bail your husband out of a jam. He had lost a bet to a buddy after bragging about how good I was at giving blow jobs. I hate it when my husband bets and loses. Well it isn’t like I don’t mind good sex with a big cock. So when my husband asked if I wouldn’t mind helping him pay off a friendly wager, I gladly accepted. Maybe it would teach my husband a lesson.

Bill is a huge guy and had never been with a Caucasian woman before. I thought I’d make sure to give him the experience of a lifetime. Whatever Bill wanted, he was going to get. Bill asked me if he could videotape our time together and I told him it was okay. We met in a trashy part of town and he told me that wanted to role play me as a prostitute. So we went to a cheap motel, got a room and had a wonderful time together. He was so naughty, spanking me, putting his thumb up my ass, and calling me a cheap whore.

I had forgotten about this tape until it arrived with a note: “Rebecca, found this old video and made a copy of our great time. Ask your husband if he wants to bet with me again. – Bill”. I sure hope they bet again so I can spend more time with Bill again. CLICK HERE to WATCH

Get wet with Rebecca

I was recently laying spread eagle on the bed after an afternoon romp with one of my young lovers at a nearby hotel. These young bucks always surprise me with their stamina and just aerobicly challenging sex drive. They also surprise me with the new habits and norms of young people today. After we were done, he asked if he could just take a photo with his iPhone and take a few photos of me. I was shocked and said no. Then he showed me some photos of other naked chicks he’s slept with. I couldn’t believe this guy is walking around with tons of naked photos on his iPhone! Well I gave him my little camera and told him he could click away, but I was going to shower off! He could join me if he wanted, or just take photos.

I told him to hurry as his fluids were dripping down my leg and I also needed to take a shower before I got home. I didn’t want to see my husband and let him know that I had been just playing around. Do you let your lovers take photos of you during sex? How about videos? Well I guess that is what the “kids” are doing these days. Well if you want to take photos of me after sex….Snap away. I’m no old maid! Click AWAY!

Sexy Wife Home Alone

I’m Waiting for you

Come on, you know you have that fantasy.  We all do.  The neighbor’s wife is all alone at home after her husband has just left for work and she’s bored with her little old life and looking for excitement.  The same goes for us stay at home women.  For those of us who work at home, we wonder about some tall dark and handsome coming over to play and show us how desired we are and to make us feel sexy and wanted.  We sit around in our cute little dresses waiting alone for you.  Are you going to come and rescue us from our boring day?  Ring the doorbell and say the secret password.  Hopefully none of the nosey neighbors will see you coming in!

There is nothing hornier than a woman alone at home while the rest of her family is out.  We want to be taken away from all this madness.  Even if it is just a few hours of pure ecstasy, we want to be swooped off our feet right onto our backs on the bed. So the next time you see a husband leave his wife behind at home, go knock on the door.  You know what she wants. She’ll be expecting you.  Don’t disappoint.   CLICK HERE

Rebecca’s Secret Hideaway….it’s a secret

Secret Hideaway

Have I waited this long to tell you about my secret
hideaway? Yep. It is a peaceful place I run off to when I want to get away from
everything in my home. Some of you have your “Man Cave”. Well I have my “Nest”
at the top of my house where I surround myself with fantasy. I figured it would
be time to show all of you where I go to get away from it all. I also have some
great memories here. It is my room of memories from all the great trips in my
life. I bet if you look closely, you can find some pretty interesting artifacts.
So come on up to the top of my world. Study close as there will be a quiz at the
end of this pictorial! : )

Some people say I shouldn’t be alone in this
room. Well I beg to differ. That is why I am inviting all o you up to my special
room. I think you’ll find that it offers some very interesting opportunities. I
personally think that there are some great things you and I could do here. BTW,
you won’t believe it, but I have never ever had sex in this room. I swear that I
never have. Well, maybe when you take a look, you can give me a sense of where I
should do it. So come on up, come on in, and let’s have a party. CLICK HERE