Why @RebeccasOffice

I get a lot of emails from people asking for previews or what they will get when they become a member of my site.  It always makes me laugh because it has seemed pretty obvious to me from the day I started.  You get to see a real woman go through the real process of exposing herself to the world,  After 15 years on the web through my website and most likely 20 years in total I guess the answer is a little more complex.

With so much stuff on the Web and so many options out there, I originally thought of myself as a personal and custom version of Playboy or Penthouse where you got to see the same Centerfold week after week. I created a pay site because I didn’t want to do this where under-aged individuals would/could freely access information.  I imagined with the age of social media I would combine the site with the ability to ask all the questions you wanted and get near real-time answers.

I initially did podcasts and webcams and even met with fans at AVN.  It was either overwhelming and scary (AVN) or just near impossible to balance my time (podcasts were difficult to manage with my schedule and time differences).

Over time the web has changed and so have I.  When I first started, I joined a network called Dreamnet.  There were about 36 women then and I was working my way from the bottom. It was like starting in the mailroom. People would rather see the VIPs than me.  Girls came and went over time with people retiring, going independent or just not able to make it worthwhile.  Today, only one of the founding women of that network (DawnMarie) has been on the web longer than me.

So why do people choose to pay for my site when they could go elsewhere?  One of the original founders has always told me to be myself and I have maintained core members that way.  I have always looked at my members as “husbands”.  Relationships would be long lasting and I want to get to know them so that I am not just a centerfold that they look at. I want to be as interactive as I can be, but be real.  I want to be the most real fantasy as possible.

When I am happy, you hear about it.  When I got divorced, you heard about it.  When I went out and got gangbanged, you hear about it.  When I got a raise or changed jobs and moved, my members hear about it.  My photos in my home are real.  People know about my metal bed which I use for bondage.  They can see the scratches in the posts.  They can see that same bed when I bring men home to have sex in it. Over 20 years of sex in that bed. There are no fancy stages or scripted scenes.  Everything is real.  Some people might complain that many of my videos are darker or not in perfect sharpness.  Many of my videos were done before the age of HD.  And most of my videos are done on a camera phone or with the camcorder pressed to record.  I don’t have sex to make videos.  I have sex for pure joy and sometimes video tape to share. When you see my orgasm, it is real.  You know exactly what I sound like.  Connoisseurs of my videos say that is the best part, seeing the MILF next door get pummeled by a huge lover.

Everything is about genuine content.  I ask that if you look at my photo shoots, make sure that you read all of the captions underneath.  If all you do is zip download the photos, you will never understand the whole story and why I am sharing what I am sharing.  It is the one part of my site that I spend the greatest part of my time.  To read those captions is to know me.  And the same goes with my members.  To have lived through sicknesses, divorces, tragedies, etc with them has been amazing.  We’ve had arguments and laughs.  It is what makes life fun.  The best part for my members is that I have updated every Wednesday for 15 years come rain or shine.  I am always here.  That is hard to find.  You will get the latest sex straight from my phone and even hear about the latest movies I’ve seen.

What is cool is that some day when I retire, I will be able to remain in contact with all my ex-members that I have created great relationships with.  I doubt that will happen with any cute little web girl or porn star because they aren’t real.  15 years on the web and still going strong.  I just hope that when you become a member that you will be just as dedicated to our relationship as me.

Hope to see you around the office!